Aileen and Jenniffer's vision for their women-only real estate firm was to create an environment where female excellence in real estate could thrive." Our goal was to cultivate a space where women could not only flourish but also redefine the norms in real estate.

“We've countered these with our commitment to staying informed and connected. By committing to exceptional service and continuously refining our strategies, we’ve managed to not just navigate but also thrive amidst these challenges,” they assert, outlining their approach to staying resilient and proactive.

Starting Bold Properties Aruba was a journey filled with calculated risks and strategic planning. “We knew the importance of a strong brand presence and innovative marketing. Our initial attention was on developing a network within the industry and our community, which played a key role in attracting clients and building our reputation. This blend of strategies, fueled by our passion for real estate, has been the cornerstone of our rapid growth,” they recount.

Building their team was a thoughtful process. “We looked beyond skills and experience; we sought individuals who resonated with Bold's ethos. Professionalism, integrity, and passion for the company’s mission were imperative qualities. Our team is made up of 12 incredibly talented women, each bringing something unique to the table. We not only celebrate individual successes but also foster a supportive and fun atmosphere where we enjoy working together.”

Their future goals center around growth and leadership in Aruba's real estate market. “We aim to continue offering top-tier services while expanding our market presence."

To women entrepreneurs aspiring to make their mark, they offer this advice: “Embrace your vision with conviction. Believe in your abilities, and remember that overcoming challenges is within your power. Building a network of mentors and supporters is crucial. Stay adaptable, true to your values, and don’t hesitate to take risks. It’s through such bold steps that you can truly leave an indelible mark in your chosen field,” they inspire with confidence.

With a background in global finance and a deep knowledge of Aruba's property market, Jennifer combines international expertise with local insights. Fluent in four languages, her diverse cultural experiences shape her relationship-focused approach in real estate.
Bringing over a decade of experience in Aruba's real estate, including residential projects and sales, Aileen's thorough understanding of the local market and strong network fuel her innovative solutions. As a dedicated mother, her empathetic and tailored approach ensures every client's unique needs are met with expertise.