B33nz Café is an idea that has been in the mind of Amanda Campos and her mother Maurella Ras for over 20 years. "At that time, I was only 4 years old," Amanda recounts. A dream that became a reality, we officially opened in Aruba on December 18, 2023.

The inspiration came after my mother visited a Coffee Convention in California, and from that moment on, she dreamed of one day having her own Cafe. What made this dream even more special is that she insisted her cafe must have a "Drive Thru". The road to realizing the dream was not easy, but in 2020, a unique opportunity presented itself. Jacinto Rasmijn approached Maurella with a proposition to join the group of vendors in the Cuts N Curves Fitness building. "My mother accepted the offer, and so, our adventure began," Amanda's words.

"The time and requirements we had to meet to get the Café up and running were numerous. Communication and many things here in Aruba still need to be done personally, and an email or online process does not yet fit our system and culture. The banking process is so lengthy to open an account, among other things. And the drastic increase in taxes during the process was a challenge, and then the rate went up with their taxes at the border (import duties) without any buffer. This did not help and led my mother to invest all her savings and sell a car to make this Café a reality. This is because all the furniture for B33NZ was imported from the US."

"Every day we meet new people with clients who keep coming back. The fact that a client can tell you that a friend told them about their great experience at B33NZ is the best compliment and promotion. I believe more people have realized that drinking coffee is not just to give you a boost to start your day but is a drink that can be enjoyed at any time and has become a trend for many of us to sit, chill, and relax with friends and family. At B33NZ Café, we emphasize our customers sitting and enjoying their cup of coffee but also serve clients who are on-the-go via our drive-thru.

"We went to Qredits because we were informed that the process is very smooth and that the advisor would guide and assist us throughout the entire process. We have come to appreciate this. In the end, they perform a risk-assessment that makes you feel more secure about the steps you are taking to achieve your Café. Although there are things that you can never predict 100% to achieve your goal. Qredits gave us the start-up to make this dream a reality. The guidance is another aspect that has definitely made an impact throughout the whole process and their research to ensure the client's investment is correct and safe."

"Actually, we did our best to meet all their requirements. We know we have a location that will be super good and what makes our Café stand out is that we are in the foyer of a gym which gives our Café 3 doors of access to get to us. At B33NZ Café, you get the chance to ‘ADD NUTRITION TO YOUR COFFEE TRADITION’, which means adding nutrition to your coffee by ordering one of our 6 supplements we have for your coffee or preferred beverage. The most sold and liked so far is the COLLAGEN."

"Make sure you explore all aspects and how your business can be different from existing ones to stand out over the same type of business that already exists in Aruba. Qredits will help you with all aspects of your business, but remember not to come empty-handed, without a vision for what you want to create and shape."

First, I must remind everyone that B33NZ Café is accessible to the entire population of Aruba; you do not have to be a member of the gym to visit us. We invite everyone to pass by our Drive-Thru or come inside and sit down to enjoy your coffee. We have opened a Café and we are learning new recipes and products every day.

For Valentine's Day, we are showcasing B33NZ Café partnered with Arosa, a local company, to offer our clients and Aruba in general the opportunity of a good coffee with a special rose that is eternal. In the future, we would like to explore partnering with other local businesses. Also, we do not discount the option for a second location looking at the interest of my sister, who has already begun exploring options for another cafe with its drive-thru.