Every dream can become a reality, but it requires effort, knowledge, and even obtaining the necessary guidance. Jonathan Dañe is experiencing this since he became part of the AGRI Business project, a program that gave him the tools he needed to act on and materialize an idea that has a special meaning for him since it continues the first generation in his family.


"After I returned to Aruba, I tried to have an active lifestyle. I was practicing beach tennis and running distances. I always felt good when I was outside and in nature. My grandfather was a farmer and my mother's grandfather was also a farmer. So for me, I think being a farmer is something that runs in my blood. I know that I am a person with a lot of energy, I can't sit still for long. So when I'm active and productive, that's when I feel my best. For a few years now, I have been very focused on my 'personal development', with the goal of generating more income, starting my own company, and being able to work on myself. My thought is, "if I work as hard for myself as I do for others, I will definitely succeed". Hence, the idea of starting my own business concept was born. Jonathan produces microgreens which he sells to businesses in Aruba.


"The AGRI Business Academy pushed me to work and execute my plan. That's how I managed to bring to life what was just an idea. This course gives you all the necessary tools to approach investors with a business plan, financial plan, and a marketing plan in hand. So, well prepared. Many times I searched online on how to make a business plan but I could never manage to make one. With the AGRI Business Academy, I learned how to do this, step by step and before I could imagine, I had a business plan made, in my hand."

The AGRI Business Academy lasts 12 weeks and includes theoretical and practical lessons guided by local and international experts and includes different visits to commercial farmers in Aruba. During the program, all participants receive the essential tools to create their own business plan. At the end, the participants present their idea in front of a panel and they receive their certificate as they have completed the AGRI Business Academy program. The first AGRI Business Academy successfully concluded with 20 participants and in May 2023, a second group of AGRI Business Academy will begin this program.


"I have 8 types of microgreens. Arugula, Kohlrabi, Basic salad mic, spicy salad mix, kale, broccoli, sunflower microgreens, purple radish. I am selling live trays, these are trays with microgreens where the customer continues to water them after purchase, in this way the chefs have the freshest microgreens to offer. My customers for now are Taste my Aruba, Les Capuchinas, Catch Aruba, Chicken and Lobster, and The restaurant at Tierra del Sol."

Impact of AGRI Business on agriculture and/or farmers in Aruba: “It will certainly have a positive impact on the agricultural sector. It is an investment being made in the Aruba community that will bear more fruit in the future for Aruba itself. A tremendous initiative by Qredits, Minister Ursell Arends, and Minister Geoffrey Wever."


AGRI Business Academy

AGRI Business Academy

AGRI Business Academy

AGRI Business Academy