It was his final year at Colegio San Antonio MAVO, and everything was going well. Anticipating his last school year, Jurvin Gonzalez never thought there would be different challenges awaiting him. Like any dedicated student, he was prepared to face the typical challenges of his studies, but destiny had a different plan for him.

An unexpected health situation emerged, altering the course of normalcy he knew. Instead of sitting behind a desk to attend his classes and take final exams, Jurvin found himself on a hospital bed, battling for both his health and his diploma. This is an interview of his resilience in the face of a "double struggle."

"I fell ill on May 2, 2023, just one week before the central exams. The doctors confirmed it was my appendix, and I needed immediate surgery." However, the situation became more serious when it turned out Jurvin had a severe infection due to his appendix bursting during the operation, resulting in him needing more intense care than anticipated. It was evident to Jurvin that school could no longer be his priority due to the health situation he was in.

It was an emotionally turbulent time, and the weight of uncertainty was heavy on the young student. Nevertheless, despite this troublesome situation, Jurvin never doubted himself or his abilities. Determined to overcome the obstacle in front of him, he focused on the spark of hope to achieve his dream of graduation. He may be on a hospital bed, but his exams will be done, one way or another.

The saying "union makes strength" was proven true when Jurvin's parents, along with the school principal, Mr. Gershwin Lee, and his other teachers, joined forces to make it possible for him to take his exams, even if it meant doing them from his hospital bed. "Mr. Lee contacted the Inspection and managed to get them to pass by on Monday morning before my exams. The process was not without its difficulties, but the collective efforts of the school authorities and inspectors made it possible for me to take my exams with determination and perseverance. 'For me, the most challenging part was getting the supervision because I needed two supervisors due to being alone, and for each class at school, there were the same number of supervisors.'"

With approval to take his exams from his hospital bed, Jurvin knew that this also required preparation, as he still had to study. It was a great effort to make these exams possible, but this was 50% of the work. The other 50% was in his hands. "I used to study in the evening because it was quieter for what were the blood and urine tests I had to do in the morning hours." Jurvin's parents' support was crucial at all times. They made sure he had all his study materials so he could prepare well before each exam. Apart from this, Jurvin received a lot of support from the hospital staff itself. They played a vital role in facilitating the exam process even further. Nurses joined their efforts to ensure that Jurvin was in a distraction-free environment during his exams, putting up signs to keep him calm and undisturbed.

These words, "you passed," had a different meaning for Jurvin because even though he had worked the entire year, it was on his hospital bed when he achieved his final graduation. A symbol of solid determination.

His message to other young people who may face health challenges or other situations is to "believe in yourself and don't give up when obstacles come in your way."

Jurvin is immensely grateful for the support of his parents, family, teachers, and friends throughout this whole process, which is filled with learning and proves that resilience is the strength to achieve everything you set out for yourself.

Now, he is ready for the next chapter in his life; continuing his studies at his new school, EPI.